Spectra S2 Plus Electric Breast Pumps

By Enchanted Medical Supply |

Brest pump

Product: OTMM011305CSH

  • Lightweight, small-profile design with ultraquiet motor for portability and discreet pumping; ultra-quiet motor runs at 45 dB
  • Two backflow protectors help keep harmful bacteria, mold and viruses away from breast milk
  • Two-phase cycling with let-down button for adjustable suction and cycling in let-down and expression mode; massage mode simulates the natural suckling of a baby
  • Weighs just 2.5 lb. for ease of use
  • Complete with 24 mm and 28 mm breast flanges, wide-neck bottles, discs, 2 locking rings and caps, 2 duckbill valves, power cord and adapter"


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